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The foundation stone of McGee Industries is the integrity and trust built into every relationship. Since 1971 we have been building both relationships and structures that last, with a commitment to exceeding expectations on every project. While you’ll see the quality and appreciate the service, it’s our passion for excellence that Makes McGee Industries the strong and thriving organization it is today.

Over the past 36 years McGee Industries has built hundreds of projects ranging up to $12 million in value and over 120,000 square feet.

Under the leadership of Tom and Charlie McGee, supported by our team of management and design professionals, McGee Industries has come to be recognized as one of the premier contractors and real estate developers in the region, while ranking in the top 40 metal building contractors in the country.

At McGee Industries we're building more than stores, warehouses and factories, we’re building trust.

Construction & Real Estate Development

“If I had to sum up my experience in one sentence I would say, “McGee Industries walks on water”. The relationship that we built and maintain today is more than I ever expected. Thank you!”
Paul Miller
Trustworthy Hardware