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Napa's 5th Avenue Anchorage store, one of the stores built for Napa by McGee Industries using the Napa prototype.

Construction & Real Estate Development

Design/Build and negotiated contract is our most popular construction delivery system. As the latest innovation in commercial development, Design/Build construction contributes more to the success of a project than any other single factor.

It’s hard to beat the advantages of having the contractor and design team, as the same entity, working together from day one to provide maximum cost savings and the best design. Cost comparisons and value engineering can take place far sooner than in the traditional design then bid process. Early identification of costs allows early changes to the project saving both time and money.

Design/Build puts the contractor solidly on your side. As the contractor responsible for both design and construction we are providing seamless continuity and responsibility with no overlaps and nothing left out. If there is a problem, you will be looking to us to solve it, unlike the traditional contractor, owner, and architect controversy about who is responsible.

True, we are building a structure that needs to be cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing and operationally effective, but ultimately we are building a tool for you to make money. So your success becomes our success, and our reputation. By working closely together, transforming your ideas into a workable plan, solving problems and persevering through construction, the warrantee and even beyond, we are truly “Building Genuine Relationships”. Relationships built on hard work, integrity and trust.

Trust is the foundation stone of every McGee Industries project. You are relying on us as your contractor and designer to deliver just about all of your project needs. We hope you will take time to look at our portfolio of projects. As you do, you will gain a sense of the passion, the professionalism, integrity and skill that is responsible for the quality and success of each project.

Design/Build Summary:
• Sole source responsibility for design
   and construction
• Timely solutions to owner problems
• Value engineering and changes at
   lowest cost
• Guaranteed price up front
• Fast track construction and completion
• Closer cooperation with the owner to
   achieve enhanced project results

Build to Suit:
Through-out our portfolio of projects you will see examples of projects built for national or western united states clients that have specific needs for design build services such as leases, prototype products, target site options and financing. McGee Industries carries land in inventory or will acquire a site or sites to meet the special needs of these clients. Our experience in cooperation with our clients, brokers, design team and contractors make McGee Industries an invaluable resource. We are sensitive to the paramount need for increased communication and cooperation with corporate representatives, and the need to work within the unique corporate culture of each client.

Our history of success has made McGee Industries one of the top contractors and developers catering to corporate clients in our region.

Butler Manufacturing:

Butler manufacturing has been the worldwide leader in building system designs and construction for over 100 years. They have maintained a reputation for quality by using only the best materials, research and innovative procedures to manufacture building and roof systems engineered to stand the test of time. Today Butler is a BlueScope Steel company, adding the strength and resources of a leading global steel producer. And to assure superior quality control, Butler only works with the highest quality contractors-Butler Builders®

From the basic to the innovative, Butler® Building Systems are built to exacting specifications no matter what the end-use of the building. Because the structural systems, roof and walls of a Butler Building are engineered to work in tandem with one another, your construction schedule and budget can be cut considerably when compared to ordinary construction methods. We will review your project to determine if Butler® Building Systems can save you time and money while meeting your project design requirements. For more information about Butler® Building Systems, visit www.butlermfg.com.