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Construction & Real Estate Development

In commercial and industrial construction every building is ultimately a tool to make money. While budget and location are basic elements, a workable and attractive design is essential. Each project is carefully analyzed in partnership with our design professionals, subcontractors and our customers, in order to move from the “drawing on the napkin” to a design that reflects the operational and aesthetic values of the owner.

Our in-house design team gives us the ability to evaluate our client’s project concepts and to produce drawings and specifications very early in the process. Many clients need to know the overall project costs before spending money on full design, or even committing to a specific site.

Site evaluation and design, due diligence, code compliance and committed project costs are all essential to a projects ability to move forward. In most cases McGee Industries can provide answers and guaranteed prices to take your project to the next step within weeks.

Our integrated design services include:

• Building and site analysis
• Operational requirements
• Aesthetic objectives
• Building system alternatives
• Risk management to control costs,
   schedule, and mitigate risks
• Value engineering
Design Phase:
• Architecture
• Space planning
• Building design
• Interior design
• Site and landscape design
• Operational requirements
• Industrial equipment layout
• Civil engineering
• Structural engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Electrical engineering
Quality Assurance:
• Specification review
• Field inspection